6 reasons why being an engineer means being able to do anything!

Being an Engineer has a lot of benefits, apart from all the amazing graphic tees, designer tees, and geek tees that are made for engineers. Engineers are pretty much everywhere doing everything from coding, management and entrepreneurship, to poetry, acting, writing and even cricket.


1. Engineering colleges have the best college festivals. If you look at the biggest cultural festivals/hackathons in the country there will always be engineering colleges in the mix. Be it Mood Indigo from IIT Mumbai or Mind Spark of COEP Pune, the Engineering colleges have the biggest, best and most expensive festivals. This gives students amazing exposure to organizing big events, as well as showcasing their talent.





2. Engineers have a great community– You always know a lot of engineers, and if you are an engineer- you will know even more engineers. Even if the dude is just a “Naam Ka Engineer” (check out this custom made designer Tee just for engineers and techies to show off!).So if you ever need a friend somewhere for something, ask an engineer.



3. Engineers can go off the beaten track– Be it the amazing scientist Ullas Karanth one of India’s wildlife champions or the latest Spin Bowler from Newly Crowned Ranji Champions Vidarbha- Rajneesh Gurbani or the Famous Sushant Singh Rajput of the MS Dhoni movie fame. There are countless engineers that go off the beaten track to make a name for themselves.



4. Engineers are good at deadlines- because of submitting assignment after assignment year after year engineers are really good at getting things done. Which is really useful when learning new things and doing stuff which you have not done before. It also allows them to be chill in any situation working constantly and never tiring like this cool t-shirt.





5. Engineers are great at working under pressure- ever given two papers a day? Taken care of four backlogs like it was a walk in the park? Handled cultural festival duty, exams, assignments, projects and so much more at the same time. Engineers can be cool even in the busiest of situations. Like we say- Life Vyast Hai, Hum Mast Hai!





6. Engineers know where to be emotional and where to be ruthlessly businesslike– Ever tried to debate with a professor to get those extra marks? Very convincing right! And when there is work to be done, Engineers will cancel everything from family get togethers to romantic dates to finish stuff on time. So for the Non-creepy single it is all No Pyaar, Only Vyapaar!


So there you have it! Why Engineers can do anything! Get one of our great T-shirts, and Badges today!If you have anything else to add, do comment below. We love to talk!

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