What comes in .. Goes out !!!

Everyone could relate to the lines below, because it’s yourstory, mystory and ourstory! 😛 😉 🙂
It’s 1st on the calendar and I smile like a king.
For the phone with the awaited message is gonna ring.
Salary credited to account xxxxx it says
I put an extra hour that day such is the phase
The week now ends and the calendar says 6th
I am staring at the screen showing me bills to deal with.
Bill’s and EMIs, loans and policies become uncalled guests to the party.
Eat chunk load of the pie leaving nothing to actually party.
What’s on the cards is eaten up by Amazon and Flipkart
They tear away my calculations and integration part by part.
Just when I feel I have found the saving Mantra,
It’s the End of Reason Sale(EORS) comes, saying Myntra!
I do a card swipe but it acts as a wipe.
They should start calling it that,might refrain us from plucking the fruit before it’s ripe! 😛
The zeroes that haunted me in school mark sheets are back
History repeats itself you agree to it or not
The fantasy of every night, becoming a millionaire goes for a toss by 10th
Every glass of drink you fill,drags the account to nil…nilli and nillioniare adding to your wrath.
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