Help Express Yourself

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What is expression? The act of making one’s thoughts, ideas and feelings known.

How do we express? We express using our appearance, our looks, the stories we write and the anecdotes others tell us. We talk about joy and fatigue, ideas and failures.

While reading about forms of expression, I came across a very interesting image. This image describes the way we humans wear our feelings, connections and ideas. It talks about the techniques we employ to make audiences understand what we feel.


As a designer, people expect me to express their views through depictions which they can wear. I do this by helping them answer a very important question — ‘What will help me express?’

At Adimanav, we designed t-shirts for different groups — trekking , riding, corporates. Sometimes it is a team of geeks presenting in an event in adimanav designed tees, or sometimes its a family in which everyone wants to look like minions. Our favourite designs are the ones we have down for groups who are striving to help build a better, safer world.

We had one such experience with the Vanarati Foundation. They focus on environmental research, education and reaching out to the community. We are proud to be working alongside the Vanarati Foundation.



We are always trying to help individuals express their thoughts. We want more people to explore, discover and question their surroundings, ideas, feelings and beliefs through art. We want people to use art as a tool for problem solving.

If you have any ideas do write to us at [email protected]