50 Shades of …


A superficial topic to start with. A question, a thought and a moment’s pause in our everyday ROUTINE we take to choose what we wear. How we look. And what does our attire reflect.

Be it a busy business day or a much-awaited date or a lazy Sunday hanging around with friends. Our attire says it all. When it comes to “LOOKING GOOD” , I mean Presentable, Comfortable, Trendy, Smart and most importantly Confident. So we have the question of “WHY” and “WHAT”.

Why to Dressup — Your Dress sense is part of your first impression which no one can undo. As it is said ,” First impression is the last impression”. It makes you stand out in a crowd. Your appearance makes the talk. It talks about you.

And yes, Sometimes it also helps make up your mood.

What matters — To make the best impression, we work on our appearance. Our attire. And “what” it is all about? — COLORS!! SHADES !! And the selection of colors and shades depends on your mood. The mindset at that point of time. It’s your belief, it’s your perception.

1-LTuXBzHMWzN77uGc8b5A4gFor example some might wear white to a funeral, while some might wear white to a wedding. Some wear black to a wedding, while some black to a funeral. Red can be portrayed as anger, while Red also symbolises love. Fire is Yellow, while Yellow is also Friendship. Pink is for breast cancer awareness, while Pink is also for lack of will power.

All these are presumptions and beliefs which are there deep in our minds always assist in choosing a colour.

We always say “Aaj Red pehnu ya blue” , watch movies like “Men in Black” .We also cheer “Bleed Blue” and have a “Purple Patch”. Yes, also when it comes to dressing we always start with colours and end up changing the attire only for colours.

In all, we express ourselves with the help of our attire. From what type of dressing it is, to what color it is.

Having said so and to check the validity of my statements can you readers simply type in the first colour when i say Adimanav?


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